Engineering a Better Future

I am ready to serve the community that gave so much to me. 

About Me

My Background

Democrats in the 106th need a candidate who can win in November. In a republican leaning district like ours, that means a candidate who can bring new leadership and perspective to Harrisburg while standing firm on our progressive principles.


We need a candidate who won’t just resist the ultra-conservative agenda. We need a leader who will unite rather than divide. I will fight the negativity and build coalitions that will pass honest, on time, budgets, fight corruption, stand up against sexual harassment, and stop the attacks on our courts.


With too much fake news and too many lies, we need a State House Representative who makes decisions based on real facts and real science.


As an engineer I rely on facts. I solve problems. I build things that work and that last. That’s the kind of leadership that can win in November and make a difference in Harrisburg.


A Democratic victory in the 106th will send a loud message to both Harrisburg and Washington: We want leaders who can do more than tweet and sling mud!

Why am I running to represent the 106th District?

I know how important it is to invest in repairing and upgrading Pennsylvania’s aging roads, bridges and water systems to ensure our safety, support business growth, protect our environment, and create well-paying jobs.


I am running because as a lifelong resident of Central Pennsylvania:

We need to do more to protect our natural resources - the streams we fish, the forests we hike and hunt, and the fields where we grow our food.


I am running because:

I want people to earn a living wage, not just an existence. Too many families are working hard but not getting ahead. We must ensure that every Pennsylvania citizen who wants to learn a trade or earn a college degree can afford that ticket to a better future.


We must support working families. Pennsylvania is still the only natural gas producing state that does not have a gas extraction severance tax. I will work to pass a severance tax and make sure the oil and gas industry pays its fair share.


Pennsylvania families and children need us to invest more in our public schools and our teachers.


Now is the time to pass common sense measures to ensure gun safety. We need to establish systems and processes for truly comprehensive background checks. We need to close the loopholes that allow domestic abusers and violent criminals to gain access to weapons. We need to increase the minimum age to purchase firearms.


We need high quality, affordable health care for all and we must do more to stop the scourge of opioids with well funded medical support. 

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