Engineering a Better Future

Environment and Energy

Environmental Protection

The PA Constitution guarantees that we have the right to clean water and air. We need to expand that to protect the forests we hike and hunt and the rich healthy soils that grow our food.

Climate Change

As an Environmental Engineer, I cannot ignore the science that is telling us the climate is changing and humans are contributing. We need to take an active roll in fighting climate change.


Pennsylvania needs to join the rest of the Oil & Gas producing states with a Severance Tax.

Renewable Energy

We need to become a leader in sustainable energy. Pennsylvania has has an abundance of renewable energy sources that we need to invest in.



As a civil engineer I know firsthand why investing in our roads and bridges is necessary to both grow our economy and improve quality of life by reducing congestion and enabling easy commutes.


We can't let the next Flint water crisis happen in our backyard. Our water systems are old and expensive to fix. They are a ticking time bomb that needs to be addressed before a catastrophic events.


Labor Unions

Unions have played a vital role in raising wages and improving conditions for all workers. We need stronger unions for the 21st century. We must oppose paycheck protection and right-to-work laws.


Economic Development

We must do more to ensure the workforce of tomorrow has a home here by enabling everyone to learn a trade or earn a degree.

Living Wages

It is unacceptable to work a full time job and still struggle to make ends meet. A living minimum wage needs to be gradually introduced so business can prepare and we can have a PA the works for all!


Retirement Security

Hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians are nearing retirement age without enough in savings. We need to revise how government dollars are used to help people retire intheir own homes with dignity.


Drug Addiction

Opioids are impacting families from all walks of life, yet not enough is being done to help those ready to fight their disease. We need to ensure access to affordable, do day rehab centers.

Health Care For All

Healthcare costs continue to increase. We need bold solutions to fix that trend. A Pennsylvania Healthcare Plan for all will reduce costs and expand care and coverage. 

Mental Health

We need to ensure treatment for mental illness is included in health insurance coverage by enforcing the Mental Health Parity and Addicion Equity Act passes by Congress nearly 10 years ago.



Our education system is the cornerstone of our economy, and we need to ensure all of our children get the best. That means more state funding to ensure fairness and higher wages for our teachers.


Planned Parenthood

I support Planned Parenthood and their mission to bring access to affordable reproductive healthcare to our communities.


I am pro woman and I support a woman's right to choose. Harrisburg should not be legislating what a woman does with her own body.



I support an independent citizens redistricting commission. Elected officials shouldn't choose their constituents. I should be up to the people to choose their representation.


The LGBTQ community deserves equal protection under all of our laws. No member of our community should be denied service, a place to live, or be fired from a job because of who they are.